Where we discuss the different ways of testing your bot

The best way to test your bot in Smartly.AI is to chat with it directly via the Simulator available in the Builder module.
There you will be able to get many information to debug and deeply understand how your bot performs.

The Bot Simulator

The Bot Simulator, located on the left of the dialog flow is the most direct way to validate your bot behavior. Simply type your question and see how it goes.
During your simulation, you can see an indication of the current state as a green spot evolving in the dialog flow.
You will also instantly get the bot answers (simple or rich messages) as well as get an indication of the understanding confidence rate of the bot for a specific question.


API Output

If you need to see what's going on and get more details on the APIs, you can check the API Output section of the Simulator.


A description of all the variables shown in the API tab is available in the API Reference documentation.

Console logs

This is really helpful to help you debug issues that might arise while working on your bot.
All you need to use them is to use the good old console.log

console.log('Hello World! 🌍');

And here how it will appears on the Console tab of the Bot Simulator: