What is a handover?

In customer relations, a handover is the act of passing a conversation to somone else.
This can happen because the agent is not qualified enough to answer the user request or because some rules have been pu in place to root certain conversations to certain agents.


Different types of handover

  • Human to human: I am forwarding the case to someone more able to solve it
  • Bot to human: The bot is forwarding the case to me because it is too complex for him
  • Human to bot: I am forwarding the case to the bot, because it is something that ca be automated

Trigger the "bot to human" handover

The common triggers for the bot > human handover are:

  • The bot failed to unterstand the user 3 times in a row
  • The user has literally asked to talk to an agent
  • The question raised by the user can only be solved by an agent

Some things to consider before implementing a handover

Here is some questions to help you in the process:

  • Do I have a contact center?
  • What are the opening hours of my contact center?
  • What software is used in my contact center to provide customer support?
  • What use cases should be handled by the bot, and what use cases should be handled by my agents?