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Cloud Provider

At Smartly.AI, we work with Orange Cloud as a our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider.
As part of our partnership, we use Flexible Engine to host all our chatbot data and services.
As a customer, all your data is therefore exclusevely hosted on the servers provided by Flexible Engine.
By "Exclusively", we mean that no data is ever sent, at any point, to any external third party service.
Everything runs locally within the dedicated instance you have subscribed to.
We chose Flexible Engine for its high level of security, performance and scalability.


While we are planning to extend to other regions,
all the instances of our solution are currrently hosted in Europe and more specifically in France.
Here is the location of our your datacenters depending on the product you use:

DatacentersSmartly.AI Bot PlatformVirtual AgentSmartly.AI Healthcare
MainDC1: Ile-de-France, FranceDC3: Ile-de-France, FranceDC4: Ile-de-France, France
FallbackDC2: Ile-de-France


Here is the list of the certifications granted to the infrastructure hosting your bots.


Links to our IaaS certifications: