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Managing Intents

The Intents module allows you to filter, search, edit, delete or download any of your precious intents.

The perfect place to manage your intents

To manage your intents:
1 - Go the sidebar menu.
2 - Click Datasets
3 - The default Datasets tab will be the Intents one πŸ‘Œ

Here is what the Intents management window looks like:


For each intent, the following actions are possible, simply pass the mouse cursor on top of the intent to see those options.

  • Edit: Open the Edit window
  • Download: Download your intent as a JSON
  • Delete: Delete the intent


Private by design

All intents and entities created on Smartly.AI are private, nobody else than you and the members you are collaborating with are allowed to access or edit your intents


You can filter your intents by:

  • Bot name: The entities used in one specific bot. You can also select the All bots options.
  • Text search: The results will be a combination of elements matching the title or one element
  • Language: If several languages are available for your bots, you can narrow the search to one language.

You can also export all your created intents by hovering on the intents you would like to export.