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What is autocompletion?

Auto completion is a service provided by smartly.ai that anticipate with the user intent by providing similar requests
You can think of it as a search engine in your chatbot


It is especially useful when you start to have big knowledge bases in your bots.
Feeding them to the autocompletion engine will help your users to navigate easily in you data and find quickly answers to their questions.

You can see the autocompletion feature in the live demo below

How can I activate autocompletion on my bots?

Autocompletion can be activate on two levels:

  • Bot level: You can decide for wich you bot (master or mini ) you want to pull the data used in the autocompletion.
    Note that if you have a masterbot architecture, you will have to activate the autocompletion in each desired mini bot as well to get their data included in the autocompletion.
  • Intent level: Even if you decide to activate the autocompletion with a specific bot, you can decide to exclude some intents from the autocompletion. Note that by defaults, all intents are autocompletion activated.

bot level activation


intent level activation

When should I (not) use the autocompletion?

Autocompletion is mostly useful when you have big Questions & Answers bases that can be answered at any moment of the conversation
Still there some specific intents when you may want to exclude from the autocompletion:

  • intents located in the middle of a flow as those are context relative
  • intents designed to capture user data (phone numbers, emails, ...) as these intents can contain some sensitive date that should never be exposed
  • intents hateful content (insults, ...)

On which channel is it available?

Autocompletion is currently available on

  • webchat
  • or via API ( reference doc here )

Do I need to train my bots to get the autocompletion work?

No. You won't need to train your bot, in fact there is no correlation between the NLU model and the autocompletion results as they are two independants components of the product relying on different technologies.
As soon as you make your changes in intents from the bot platform, they will be automatically available in your bot.
Still, we recommand you to train your bot often so that the suggestions offered by the bot can effectively be understood by the bot.

How advanced is it?

We have worked quite a lot on this meature to make it useful for your users
Here is some features implemented on the autocompletion

  • Autocompletion is not affected by case variations
  • Autocompletion is not affected by diacritics variations
  • Autocompletion manages languages changes
  • Autocompletion manages bot jumps
  • Autocompletion alternate results from different intents to give you more choice quickly

I don't see this feature on my account yet, why?

Autocompletion is currently rolling progressively out to selected customers.
To be included added to the waiting the list, drop us a mail