Team Management

The team members view of the settings allows you to manage your team.

  • As a team Member, you can visualize the collaborators working with you within the organisation
  • As an Account Manager, you can add, remove, or edit the role and permissions of a specific team member

Why should add team members to my organization?

Adding new collaborators allow them to benefit of the licence plan of the organization, and benefit of some "Enterprise" features.
Also only accounts attached to an active organization can go beyond the 15 days trial period.

How can I add a new team member to my organisation?

Step 1: Account creation
First invite the collaborator to create an account using one of the following links depending on the instance you are using:

Product name


Smartly.AI (Blue edition)


Virtual Agent (Orange edition)



Make sure the account creation is properly done

The new user should complete the form and click on the confirmation email to activate his account. Once he is able to connect to the platform, you can proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Add the user to the organisation

Then, one of the Account Managers of the organisation should go to the Team Members view and click Add a Member button.

Then, add the email of the user and pick the global role within the organisation.

Here is some additional information on the organization roles:

Role name

Account Manager

Team Member

Can see all the members



Can edit the role of a member



Can remove a member



Can add a new member



Can define new Account Managers



Congratulation, your team member is now added to the organisation and can benefit of the awesome features you have subscribed to.


Premium accounts

Once you have been invited by the account manager within an organization with a valid subscription plan, you will leave the trial period and benefit of all the features subscribed by your company!

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What's Next

Now that you have added collaborators, discover how you can share bots with them


Team Management

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