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Shared conversations

In some cases, it can be useful to share conversation:

  • as a context to a support ticket created by the bot
  • as a context to a salesforce lead created by the bot

With every conversation occuring between a user, a chatbot (and sometimes an agent) an URL is generated. This URL gives anyone access to the related conversation.

To give you an idea of the design of this page, here is an URL you can try: Shared Conversation
And a screenshot


There is two ways to get the URL

Getting the sharable URL from the Conversations Module

From the conversation module:

  • select a conversation on the user panel
  • click on Share with URL
  • click on the Copy URL and share it!
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Getting the sharable URL from the API

From the Node.js of the bot, you can get the conversation url using the following code

// Use this code within your bot flow to get the conversation url
var conversation_url = conversation.short_term_memory.conversation_url;

A note on the security of this feature

Sharable URL are encrypted with a strong 256 AES algorithm.
In a near future, there will an option to allow or disallow URL sharing on your bot.