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Answer Surveys

Need to have a feedback on each answer delivered to your users?
Follow the steps below and you will be good to go!


1 - Creating the survey

First, find and click on Surveys in the left sidebar.
This will open the Surveys Module where you will be able to manage all your surveys.
Then, select the language you want for your survey and click on Create Survey.


Then, select the ANSWERS type of survey.
Depending on the kind of survey, the available questions will be different.


You will be able to fine tune the labels shown for the survey question as well as the messages you want to send, as a reaction to a thumbs up or a thumbs down.
Once done, click on the Save button.
The newly created survey will be shown on the survey list, you can create as many surveys as you need for your different bots.


Attaching the survey to your bot

Once the survey created, you will need to attach it to a webchat integration.
To do so, go to the builder and open the webchat integration.


Then click on the Surveys panel


Activate the Conversations Surveys and select the survey you want to use


Triggering the survey manually

From the Builder, in your conversation flow, you can activate the survey answer by clicking on the advanced options of a "Bot Shows"


If you want to activate the survey programmatically, you can do it by adding the following line in your code:

output.show_answer_survey = true;

Testing the Survey

Open the webchat and type message is set to trigger a surveyed answer.
You will see a question + two buttons ( πŸ‘ & πŸ‘Ž )


Depending on what you vote, you will have the bot reaction set in the Answer Survey.
Below are two different reactions sent by the bot for a πŸ‘ and a πŸ‘Ž.


Once you have made a few vote, head on to the Survey Analytics to visualize the survey results.

Can I push a rich message as a reaction to a user vote?

It is possible to push one or several rich messages, to do so copy past the dersired messages in JSON format as shown below.


The syntax of the messages is described here.
Here is a sample you can try to get a text reaction with quick replies.

			"quick_replies": [
					"payload": "ok",
					"title": "ok",
					"content_type": "text"
					"payload": "ko",
					"title": "ko",
					"content_type": "text"
			"text": "Text + quick replies"

You will then get the following result


You can do that with any rich message (text, buttons, quick replies, carrousels, images, videos, ...)