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My bots is the place to manage all your bots

My botsMy bots

My bots

In this module you will be able to:

  • create,
  • train,
  • configure,
  • share,
  • dulicate,
  • activate / deactivate
  • and even delete your bots

List view or Gallery view?

The My Bots comes in two flavors:

  • the list view
  • and the gallery view

You can choose your prefered view by clicking on the following button

Choose your preferred viewChoose your preferred view

Choose your preferred view

List viewList view

List view

Gallery viewGallery view

Gallery view

Available information

In the list view you can have access to the following information

  • Name: the bot name
  • Collaborators: a list of the people having access to the bot
  • Date created; the date of creation of the bot
  • Date updated: shows the last time you have made an update to the bot
  • NLU models: shows for each language implemented in the bot wich NLU model is used
  • Training status: shows wether a training is required, recommanded or not for a bot

Filters & Sorting

You can filter your bots by

  • Name
  • Masterbot
  • Language
  • NLU model
  • NLU training status
  • Activity statuts


You can access directly a component for a dedicated bot by clicking on the contextual boutons

First you have a set of quick navigations boutons to
1 - Open the Builder module for this bot
2 - Open the Conversations module for this bot
3 - Open the Datasets module for this bot
4 - Open the Analytics module for this bot
5 - Open a contextual menu with the ability to Share / Duplicate / Delete / (De)activate / Open the settings for this bot
6 - Train a bot
7 - Create a bot