With Smartly.AI Analytics, you're able to track and measure how your bot is performing

Here we have four tabs to help you do analytics better

  • Overview
  • Messages
  • Users
  • Conversations


In the overview tab, we have four important things:

1) New Users
As the name suggest, it shows all the new customers that interacted with your bot

2) Returning Users
This shows all the users that returned after the first interaction with your bot

3) Conversations
This shows the total amount of interactions back and forth between your bot
and customers. A conversation can are threaded messages in a nutshell

4) Messages
This contains conversations started by a customer

Difference between conversation and messages

  • When a customer send an input to your bot, they are sending out a message.

  • When you get a reply to that message, then a conversation is started - and any further messages backwards and forwards are all part of that conversation.


Here you can go in-depth to how your bot is doing in terms of traffic

You can filter your users based on messaging channels


Here you can see how your bot is doing in terms of conversation, graphically

Good to know

Every data we've collected can be filtered by Language and/or Channels


Here, you can see how your intent is doing in terms of hit.
i.e If you want to know which intent is most used, you're at the right place

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