White listing

For security reasons, you IT department may want to limit what are the minimal data streams the webchat needs to correctly work

Below is the list of required subdomains to whitelist (if you are blocking anything else in your website) to make your webchat works:

Subdomains to whitelistDescription
wss://webchat.smartly.aiWebsocket to allow synchronous exchanges between the webchat and the back end services. Basically all user and bot messages goes through this channel as well as survey responses. During a live chat with a human agent messages are sent via this channel.
https://cdn.smartly.ai, https://media.smartly.aiThis is where most of the assets like images, videos, css and js code of the webchat are hosted
https://bots.smartly.aiThis opens the access to bot profile pictures, may be removed in favor of the cdn in the future


Note for Virtual Agent customers:

If you are using the Virtual Agent flavor of Smartly.ai, those urls becomes: