Conversation Surveys

Need to have a feedback on the chatbot experience you are delivering to your customers?
Follow the steps below and you will be good to go!


1 - Creating the survey

First, find and click on Surveys in the left sidebar.
This will open the Surveys Module where you will be able to manage all your surveys.
Then, select the language you want for your survey and click on Create Survey.


Then, select the Conversation type of survey.
Depending on the kind of survey, the available questions will be different.


You will be offered 3 kinds of question, you can choose to keep one, two or all the three questions for your survey. Once activated, you will be able to fine tune the labels shown for each question.
Once done with settings, click on the Save button.
Once done, the newly created survey will be shown on the survey list, you can create as many surveys as you need for your different bots.


Attaching the survey to your bot


Before you start

Remember that the survey should be attached to the main bot, once done you will be able to use from any of your microbots 💡

Once the survey created, you will need to attach it to a webchat integration.
To do so, go to the builder and open the webchat integration.


Then click on the Surveys panel


Activate the Conversations Surveys and select the survey you want to use


Once done, click Save. Congratulations, you have attached a Conversation Survey to your bot.

Triggering the survey when the user leaves the conversation

You can force the webchat to show the Conversation Survey each time the user wants to close the conversation.
To do so, follow these steps in the Webchat integration:

  • open the Behaviours panel
  • activate the Display a closing confirmation window? option. Review and customize the labels and click Save.

Now, each time the user will leave the conversation, he will be prompted with the conversation survey like shown below:


Triggering the survey manually at some specific point of the conversation

As we have seen above, the survey will be shown everytime the user will try to close the chat box.

In case you want to send the You have two solutions:

1/ Simple solution

From the Builder, in your conversation flow:

  • Add and connect a Bot Shows block to the state where you want to send the survey.
  • Click on Show more options.
  • Toggle the Send Conversation Survey

That's it.


2/ Programmatic solution

From the Builder, in your conversation flow, add and connect a Bot Does block to the state where you want to send the survey. Then add the following line.


Testing your Survey

Once the setting is done, close the webchat, make a few votes and head on to the Survey Analytics to check the first results!