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From our experience of building bots, we noticed that in the different phases of each bot lifecycle, different skills are required.

Because of that, we worked hard to make it easy for you to work collaboratively and succeed on your bot projects! πŸ€—

Invite new members to a bot project

You can invite your collaborators to work with you on a bot project, only thing you will need is to look for the "Share bot" button and send them email invites to all collaborators.


Once clicked, add the email of your team mate on this project and click on the invite button.


You can then pick one of the following roles:

  • Administrator: can do pretty much anything
  • Developer: here to code the bot
  • Designer: here to design the bot
  • Bot Trainer: here to teach the bot new sentences
  • Support Agent: here to escalate in conversations

Depending on the role, the new collaborator will be granted an access to all or some specific modules. You can change the role of user anytime you want, or revoke him from the bot project.

Once added, your collaborator will receive an invitation by email to join the bot project.
If he is already a user of Smartly.AI, he will directly see the shared bot in his dashboard.
If he is not, he will have to signup first with the same email used to invite him.


Roles in Smartly.AI

Below is a recap ot the different roles and their scopes

Invite membersβœ“
Revoke members*βœ“
Change roles*βœ“


Special case of the bot creator

The creator of the bot can't be revoked from his bots.
The bot creator's role cannot be downgraded by others.
The bot creator is the only one who can delete it.

You can know who is the bot creator in the bots page.
The bot creator is marked with a crown icon.