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Analytics > Understanding

You can use the intents report to see what are the most intents detected in user conversations.


Along with the intents repartition, you also have the top matched sentences.

You can customize your report using the following filters:

  • Language: The initial language of the conversations or the preferred language of the user for multilingual bots
  • Communications channel: in case you only want to focus on a specific channel
  • Period: Start date / End date of the report, set to last 7 days by default

Key numbers

At the top of the report, you fill find the following numbers for the selected period:

  • Understanding rate on all interactions: Number of messages -of any type- understood by the bot / number of incoming processed by the bot
  • Understanding rate on button clicks: Number of clicks messages understood by the bot / number of click messages processed by the bot
  • Understanding rate on written messages: Number of text messages understood by the bot / number of text messages processed by the bot


Good to know

Understanding rates are updated after each message processing. Deleting or archiving messages from the inbox won't affect the understanding rates value / evolution.

Understanding rate evolution

This particular graph will show you how the 3 understanding rates evolve over time.


This is one of the most tracked report as it shows how your bot is performing over time.

Matched intents

This graph shows you how many times each intent has been matched during the selected period


The value of this data vizualisation is that it can tell you about the most requested themes and use cases. From there, you can decide whether you want to improve the related content.

Popular messages

This table shows you the most popular messages received during the period.


What’s Next