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1. Create a Bot

Once logged to the platform, the first page you will see is the My Bots page which list all the created bots and since we don't have one, What you want to do is click the Create a bot button as seen in the image below.


2. Select the kind of Bot

Because they are qui different, you will have to pick a bot type, depending on your current project, it can be voice application (Voicebot) or a chat application (Chatbot).


3. Pick a name, define a primary language

Just like a baby, you've got to name it and set a default language among the available languages .
You will be able to add more languages to your bot project later.


You are all set!

Congratulations, you have created your first bot on Smartly.AI.
You will be now redirected to the Builder module where you will be able to create the core use cases of your bot.


What’s Next