GDPR Deletion

Automatic deletion

The platform doesn't keep the data forever.
Our policy is to only keep the last 12 months of data.
Every January 1st of each year, we have a script that deletes all conversations and logs 12 months older.
The visualization below illustrates the process and its impact.

User data is deleted every twelve months

User data is deleted every twelve months

Manual deletion

From the platform, you can easily delete the following data:

  • Personal data collected through the communication channel ( Facebook Messenger for instance)
  • Personal data collected by the bot while discussing with the user (my age is 19y for instance)
  • Logs and conversations

To do this, go to the Conversations Module, find the targeted user and click on the Delete button shown in the screenshot below.

Admin only feature

Only users with the Admin role can delete user data and conversations.

You can also delete a specific log from the Inbox like shown below.


Deleting user logs, personal data or conversations is irrevocable.
Once done, there is no way to restore the data.

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GDPR Deletion

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