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You can use the interactive doc below to test directly API calls from the docs ๐Ÿ™‚
To do so, click on the Header Auth icon shown below


About the interactive API doc

This interactive API doc is connected to https://apis.smartly.ai. If you are using Virtual Agent, this tool won't work and you may rather use another API tool such as Postman to make your tests.

Then in the Authorization field type: Bearer + space + YOUR-API-TOKEN
Here is an example:

Bearer 894U37878378463757

Also, you may want to use differents endpoints depending on the platform you are working on

Instance nameAPI base url
Smartly.AI Prodhttps://apis.smartly.ai/
Virtual Agent Prodhttps://apis-virtual-agent-enriched.smartly.ai/

Once you know what your API base url is, you can select it here

From there, you should be able to play with the interactive API Doc and get some results from your own account