March 2022


  • Smartly.AI : 18 March
  • Virtual Agent : 21 March

Improved: Better accuracy for SNP 1.06. This was mostly achieved by optimising the data augmentation algorithm for bots using entities
New: Ability to define strict / flexible entities
This feature is available with SNP 1.06. More on this here.

Improved: Design improvements
Fixed: Once a bot model is trained, the last update time field should be updated

Fixed: Ability to show the conversation history for bots using the jump to feature


  • Smartly.AI : 3 March
  • Virtual Agent : 3 March

Dialog Management
Improved: Better disambiguation management. More on the disambiguation here.
Improved: Disambiguation delta setting is now configurable in a [1,50] range
Improved: Ability to keep the user_data after a jump

Crisp connector
Added: Crisp <> Facebook Messenger integration. More on the Crisp integration here.
Fixed: Duplicated sent to the user if Crisp is the same Crisp webhook is done on multiple bots

Improved: Ability to manage a NEW_INPUT event even if the NEW_DIALOG_SESSION event hasn't been sent before. More on the available API here.

Improved: Better thread management for data augmentation in SNP 1.06. More on this model here.