SNP is a Snips NLU based pipeline boosted by some custom components developped by Smartly.AI
Here is a changelog of our work on this pipeline

SNP 1.03

The first iteration of SNP is based on a the Snips NLU library which is particularly efficient in parsing user requests in natural language while keeping ressources and time consumptions low for training tasks/.

Below is a list of technologies involved in this pipeline as well as some links to learn more.



Intent detection

Snips NLU

Custom entity extraction


System entity extraction




SNP 1.04

Added: custom deterministic intent classifier

SNP 1.05 (in development)

Removed: custom determinisitic intent classifier
Improved: Activation of the native determinisitic intent classifier
Improved: Larger language ressources for French
Improved: Moroccan arabic darija support
Improved: Data augmentation feature