October 2021


  • Smartly.AI : 22th
  • Virtual Agent : 22th


  • New: Ability to select the main language of a bot
  • Improved: Each filter has a label for better readability
  • Improved: Ability to filter the activity logs by action type

My Bots module

  • Added: [Actions] Activate/deactivate a bot
    Bot activation/deactivation is reserved to admin role only
    Bot activation/deactivation is logged in the activity logs
    Note: Inactive bots will not respond anymore starting 31th December 2021
  • Added: [Actions] Train a bot
  • Added: [Filter by]
    -- Bot name
    -- Masterbot
    -- NLU model
    -- Training status
    -- Activity status
  • Added: [Sort by]
    -- Bot name
    -- Creation date
    -- Update date
  • Added: Show the Update date
  • Improved: Faster bot search
  • Improved: Remember the sort preference

New filters + Train button

Conversations module
Fixed: An issue with the date filter

Improved: Abitility to show a conversations survey several time during a chat session

Improved: Ability to send a NEW_INPUT even if the NEW_DIALOG_SESSION event was not sent or if the user was deleted.

Inbox module
Fixed: In the case of a jump, the incoming messages are listed in both the initial and the destination bot
Improved: Simplified color code:

  • Green: This message is already in the dataset and was properly understood
    => All good, nothing to do on your side
  • Orange: This message is not in the dataset but was understood anyway
    => To improve your bot performance, you can add this message to your intent
  • Red: This message is not in the dataset and was not understood
    => An action is required to avoid the reproduction of this issue, you should either add this message to an existing intent or create a new intent to adress a new type of questions. Alternatively, you can also check if the probability threshold isn't too high in the bots settings.
    Do not hesitate to check our documentation on the inbox and intents best practices.

NLU (Patch)
Improved: Better exact match