November 2021


Deployment dates

  • Smartly.AI : 24th
  • Virtual Agent : 29th


  • Improved: Do not open a websocket until the user start the discussion with the bot
  • Improved: GDPR Compliance - Do not use the Local Storage of the browser until the user start the discussion with the bot
  • New: A new method will allow you to get the full API output from the bot platform. More documentation on this coming soon.
  • Fixed: A flash was occuring on upcoming messages was removed

Improved: Bigger current state indicator in the conversation flow


  • New: Ability to anonymize some information in the bot responses using the following syntax:
    " Your bank account is <private> 1000 </private>€ "
    will be logged as:
    " Your bank account is [private] € "
    More on this here


  • Improved: While cloning a bot, the webchat configuration will also be cloned
  • New: Ability to switch the interface language to french 🇫🇷.
    You can switch it by going to My Account / Settings / Profile Detailts

Your app is now available in French too!

Ability to ask the user for an unpredictable input that doesn't nessarly match your data
For instance you will be able to capture full names, adresses, ticket descriptions, customer requirements, ect
More info in this documentation.