July 2023


Release dates

  • Smartly.AI : 4th
  • Virtual Agent : 5th

Bug fixes

  • Safer login message screen
  • Sanitize webchat input
  • Better chat history for bots using the "jump" feature
  • Better cache management after new software release
  • Better entity management on full bot copy
  • Better team members management


Release dates

  • Smartly.AI : 13th
  • Virtual Agent : 13th

NLU: New classifier

You can now choose the Random Forest classifier

This classifier is significantly better than the Logistic regressoin

Our recommandation is to use the Random forest classifier

Learn more here

NLU: New vectorizer

You can now choose the FastText (CBOW - Skipgram) vectorizer

The good news about this vectorizer is that it is natively better at understanding inputs with typos and synonyms

Our recommandation is to use the CBOW + Skipgram vectorizer

Note: this vectorizer is available for the following langages:

  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • Portuguese

Learn more here

The new recommended pipeline is the following:

  • Pipeline: SNP 1.06
  • Classifier: Random Forest
  • Vectorizer: FastText (CBOW - Skipgram)
  • Lemmatization: Off
  • Stop words filtering: On
  • Data augmentation: Off

Security updates

  • Updates NGINX server to the 1.24.0 version
  • Updated Lodash to the 4.17.21 version

Other changes

  • Updated: Utterance generation algorithm has been improved. This feature that was previously on private beta is now available to all customers .

  • New: Ability to create Generative AI and attach them to an existing masterbot.
    This feature is in private beta, contact us for early access.