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January 2023


  • Smartly.AI : 23th December
  • Virtual Agent : 5th January

New: Processed / Not processed filter on inbox messages to ease a little bit the work of the bot trainer

Fixed: Conversations are shown chronogically, with users having the lastest interactions in the top of the list


  • Smartly.AI : 5th January
  • Virtual Agent : 5th January

Many bug fixes and some improvements:

1.06 NLU pipeline
Below are some updates on this model. You will need to retrain your bots to benefit from the pipeline changes.

  • Improve the way diacritics are removed during training so they're similar to data received during the parse
  • Improve the parameters used during stopwords removal & lemmatization
  • Correct an issue where lemmatization returns the sentence in a different order
  • Correct exact match detection for custom entities
  • Correct decimal separator for better number system entity extraction
  • Improve order of preprocessing for better entity extraction
  • Return "True" in the "learned" field when the extracted entity exists on the dataset instead of always returning "False" by default

Improved: Automatically restart the conversation if the user's last interaction is older thant the max session duration

Added: A scope filter has been added to master bots so that you can decide to search in the bot orchestrator only or in the orchestratort + the attached bots. This make it easier for instance to find a specific bot answer without knowing exactly in which bot this answer is located.


Data Cleaning

As described in our privacy policy, the annual data cleaning has been done.