January 2022


  • Smartly.AI : 5th
  • Virtual Agent : 7th


  • Improved: Ability to force the unlocking of a bot even if the other part is on idle.
    In this case the bot will be locked by you.

Need to unlock the bot but no response from your colleague? This feature is for you!

My Bots

  • Improved: Remember the last sort method used: (name, creation date, update date) / (ascending , descending).
    This preference will be remembered during your work session on the platform, until you logout.
  • Fixed: Sort buttons
  • Fixed: Duplicated bots shown on the mini bots list
  • Fixed: Update training status after Intents file import
  • Improved: More space to show the bot name
  • Fixed: Training button should fit in one line
  • Fixed: Contextual menu not completely shown for the last element of the bot list


  • Fixed: The browser autocompletion has been removed
  • Fixed: An issue with some missing pixels on the button image of the webchat
  • Fixed: LTR issue for bots in arabic
  • Fixed: Better management of improperly syntaxed custom pause objects
  • Fixed: Bot reprompts quick replies should be hidden once clicked
  • Fixed: Answer surveys should always be shown after the last message


  • SNP 1.06 released, currently available in private beta! 🤓
    More details on the available NLU pipelines here
    Contact us to get an early access