January 2021


  • Virtual Agent : 02/02/2021
  • Smartly.AI : 29/01/2021

Fixed: Remove the chat initializations count in the interactions view, this will simplify the information provided
Fixed: While looking at the stats, ability to look at different bot's reports without being systematically redirected to the overview tab.

Improved: New config for the NGINX server


  • Virtual Agent : 27/01/2021
  • Smartly.AI : 29/01/2021

Improved: Additional capacity for the websocket connexions of the webchat channel
Added: New monitoring tools for the NGINX web servers


Expected release dates

  • Smartly.AI : 26/01/2021
  • Virtual Agent : 26/01/2021

We enhanced our web server capacity to manage more traffic


Release dates

  • Smartly.AI : 15/01/2021
  • Virtual Agent : 19/01/2021


  • Added: {Analytics > Interactions} New vizualisation allowing you to track separately the button clicks and text messages
  • Improved: {Analytics > Intents} Renamed "Analytics > Understanding", this report now also includes an understanding rate KPIs as well as a vizualisation of the evolution of the global / button clicks only / text messages only understanding rate over a custimzable period of time
  • Improved: {Analytics > Surveys} When loading this module, the available type of surveys will be shown directly
  • Improved: Many design tweaks to increase the readability of the data


  • Improved: If you have activated the Show history? option, your users will have the option to continue their conversation from any page of your website
  • Improved: Keep the chat history of the last bot while doing bot jumps
  • Improved: On mobile devices, always keep the chatbox closed to keep the website visible
  • Improved: Better compatibility with Google Tag Manager
  • Improved: On desktops, the chat window should fit in any size screen, no matter even if the desired height is too big
  • Fixed: An issue to restart a conversation on Internet Explorer has been fixed


  • Improved: {Datasets > Answers} We now provide an advanced search in this module, allowing you to find answers easily by just typing a few words included witin the searched answers instead. This should be significantly be better than the previous search that was only looking at the answer title.


  • Improved: {Conversations} The limit on the number of messages shown on a conversation thread has been risen from 30 to 300.
  • Fixed: Before going ahead with a full copy of the bot, a control on the tag syntax is now made to avoid special characters in the tags
  • Added: {Builder / Simulator} Support of drop down menus on the simulator
  • Improved: {Builder / Simulator} Simplified settings. Only show the input_type field when this feature is activated on the bot settings
  • Improved: {Sign up} After the user has created his account, the confirmation page should make it clear that the next step is to click on the email to confirm the account.
  • Fixed: {Builder / Flows} Finish the conversation option removed in chatbot flows


Release dates

  • Smartly.AI : 05/01/2021
  • Virtual Agent : 06/01/2021


  • Improved: Auto save is now always on, whatever the size of your conversation flow


  • Improved: Ability to jump from one bot ot to another is now possible more than once per session. More details available here


  • Improved: Removed the 200 maximum intent size limit