Datasets / Q&A

This Q&A component will make it easy for you to integrate multiple Questions & Answers at scale.

How it works

In addition to the dialog flow where you can design complex and personalized interactions, the Q&A module allows you to add a Q&A layer to your bot very quickly.
The video tutorial below to see how to add a Q&A file to your bot.


Go to the datasets module, the click on Q&A.

Then get the template file by clicking on the blue button at the center.
A file download will start.

Open the file and update the content with the Q&A you want to push on your bot.
Hit save as and rename the file.

Keep the file format

In order for you Q&A to stay compliant with the requirements of the platform, don't create a file from scratch, use the template and change its content.
Only CSV UTF8 + BOM ; separated are accepted.

Upload your new file by clicking Import Q&A and selecting it.

Your Q&A should appear.
All the intents have been automatically created :)
Click the Train button to launch the training of your bot with those new intents.

Updating your Q&A

If you already have a Q&A, a popup will ask you for confirmation before overwriting your current Q&A with the one on your file.
Update is not incremental so be sure to have all your content in your Q&A file before importing it.

You can now ask questions from your Q&A from the Simulator and from all you bot channels!

Closing remarks

  • If an intent is used in both the dialog flow and the Q&A, the dialog flow will have the priority.
  • We recommand to put the "Chit Chat" layer in the Masterbot F&Q
  • Don't copy paste your website Q&A in your bot: adapt the content to the conversational channel by having real world question and concise answers.

Datasets / Q&A

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