Available pipelines

SNP pipelines are one of the available NLU options that the platform is offering for your bots
SNP is based on very efficient library called Snips NLU that we have tailored for industrial use.
We are regularly deploying new versions of SNP to improve its performance and accuracy
Below is the list of the available NLU models, their features, status and changelog

Available pipelines

Pipeline name


Exact match



Typo errors augmentation

Stop words filtering

SNP 1.03


SNP 1.04


SNP 1.05


SNP 1.06



SNP 1.03

RC1: Released in May 2021

  • Based on a the Snips NLU library which is particularly efficient in parsing user requests in natural language while keeping ressources and time consumptions low for training tasks.

SNP 1.04

RC1: Released in May 2021

  • Added: This model is the same as SNP 1.03 except we added an extra layer of deterministic (exact match) intent classifier

SNP 1.05

RC1 : Released in July 2021

  • Improved: Larger language resources for French
  • Removed: Extra layer of deterministic (exact match) intent classifier
  • Improved: Typo errors augmentation. More info on this here feature

RC2 : Released in October 2021

  • Restored: Extra layer of deterministic (exact match) intent classifier
  • Improved: Better management of some characters in the exact match layer
  • Improved: More configuration flexibility regarding the data augmentation feature (activation and augmentation factor)

SNP 1.06

alpha: Released in January 2022

  • Improved: Better deterministic parser
  • Improved: Curated stop words list for french.
    This will help te model to focus on the most important words of your intents.
  • New: Language resources for Arabic

RC1: Released in March 2022

  • Improved: Better thread management for the data augmentation process. This optimisation solves some timeouts while training models from very big datasets

RC2: Released in March 2022

  • Improved: Better data augmentation for intents with entities.
  • New: Ability to manage the flexibility of each entity (auto extension et matching strictness)

RC3: Released in April 2022

  • Improved: Better exact match integration
  • Improved: Fine tuning of the deterministic intent parser
  • Improved: Remove case sensitiveness
  • Improved: Return 10 intent results instead of 5 (useful for disambiguation)
  • New: Ability to activate / deactivate stop words filtering

RC4: Released in April 2022
New: Load and performance tests were passed OK on this pipeline

  • Improved: Better exact match on SNP 1.06
  • Improved: Better date and time handling
  • Improved: Better emoji management
  • Improved: Better management of decimal numbers

RC5: Released in June 2022

  • Added: General availability of SNP 1.06 pipeline
  • Added: Better management of training data with corrupted entities
  • Improved: Better training status management
  • Improved: Better management of emoji teint colors (🧑🧑🏻🧑🏽🧑🏾🧑🏿)
  • Improved: Better diacritics management for arabic
  • Fixed: Remove obsolete system entities objects, for instance, you should expect to receive in your node.js number but not number-fr-fr
  • Fixed: Better classification results for intents using phone-number or email system entities
  • Improved: Stop words filtering activated by default when switching to SNP 1.06

RC6: Released in June 2022

  • Improved: Returned confidence are rounded to the closest %
  • Improved: Use a seed while building the training data for utterances with entities
  • Improved: Url, email and phone number entities
  • Fixed: Training error for intents with a single sample and a single word

Notice for SNP 1.06 users



SNP 1.06 is returning system entities with the simplified syntax, if you are extracting system entities within node.js nodes in your bots , please use migrate to the new syntax. Below is the correspondance table.

// number: eighteen, 0.77, 100K
var number = input.system_entities.["number-fr-fr"][0].value; // obsolete syntax
var number = input.system_entities.number[0].value; // correct syntax

// phone number: 012345678
var phone_number = input.system_entities["phone-number-fr-fr"][0].value; // obsolete syntax
var phone_number = input.system_entities["phone-number"][0].value; // correct syntax

// time: today, Monday, Feb 18, the 1st of march
var time = input.system_entities.["time-fr-fr"][0].value; // obsolete syntax
var time = input.system_entities.time[0].value; // correct syntax

// email: [email protected]
var email = input.system_entities.["email-fr-fr"][0].value; // obsolete syntax
var email = input.system_entities.email[0].value; // correct syntax

// url:  https://smartly.ai,  www.google.com
var url = input.system_entities.["url-fr-fr"][0].value; // obsolete syntax
var url = input.system_entities.url[0].value; // correct syntax

// temperature: 70°, 72° Fahrenheit, thirty two celsius
var temperature = input.system_entities.["temperature-fr-fr"][0].value; // obsolete syntax
var temperature = input.system_entities.temperature[0].value; // correct syntax

// amount of money: ten dollars, 4 bucks, $20
var amount_of_money = input.system_entities.["amount_of_money-fr-fr"][0].value; // obsolete syntax
var amount_of_money = input.system_entities.amount_of_money[0].value; // correct syntax

// duration: 2 hours,  4 days,  3 minutes
var duration = input.system_entities.["duration-fr-fr"][0].value; // obsolete syntax
var duration = input.system_entities.duration[0].value; // correct syntax