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March 2023


  • Smartly.AI : 27th
  • Virtual Agent : 23th

Improved: Following our yearly security audit, we have implemented some security features such as

  • JQuery updated to version 3.6.0
  • XSS vulnerability patched
  • Better management of the conversation history
    You can now define how long (in hours) you want to display the past conversation in the webchat

Many improvements on the way we execute your Node.js custom code

  • Architecture improvements on the code execution service
  • Node.js itself has been updated (for security reasons) to the latest stable version 18.15.0 LTS

NLU [SNP 1.06]

  • Better management of out of context requests
  • Better scalability of the NLU training and parse services


  • We added a description field on intents to give more context to bot trainers
    You can define intent descriptions in the field below or via file upload

Once defined the descriptions will be shown in the Datasets > Intents module


Descriptions will also be shown as well as in all search results


New: Utterance Generation feature

  • it creates new examples for your intents based on your existing data
  • it works in all the available languages of the platform
  • it creates 5 sentences per button click, you can add more if you want, edit or delete the generated utterances
  • it is based on Open AI's GPT 3.5 model
  • This feature is currently available in prevate beta. If you don't have the button yet ping us and we will activate it for you.