June 2022


  • Smartly.AI : 1st June
  • Virtual Agent : 8th June


  • Improved: Enhanced websocket capacity
  • Added: Ability to send a hidden message from the wechat SDK . Hidden messages are invisible in the web chat widget. They are useful if you want to tell the bot that the user has done something in your website. The syntax to send hidden messages is the following:
// Send a user message to the bot without showing it in web chat
SmartlyWebchat.sendHiddenUserMessage('User has downloaded his invoice');
  • Fixed: Manage the situation where the custom pause is the last element of a bot response
  • Added: Ability to catch events from the webchat.
    The list of the supported events is the following:
- webchatClosed
- webchatOpened
- userMessageSent
- agentMessageReceived
- botResponseReceived
- conversationRestarted
- answerSurveySent
- conversationSurveySent

You can learn more on this feature here.


  • New: Ability to use rich responses as reactions to positive/negative reviews


  • New: [QnA] Added rich messages ID in the import/export.
  • Fixed: 504 error was shown if some minibots of the master I am working on where not shared


  • Improved: Have bot user_id and client_id columns in exported conversations file
  • Fixed an issue with buttons actions srolling


  • Fixed: Have the disambiguation work even if there are entities in the disambiguated intents
  • Fixed: Send the rich response reprompt even if there is no reprompt on the bot says object
  • Improved: Return all available suggestions in /dialog API


  • Added: Ask for the preferred language during account creation
  • Improved: Additional controls to detect corrupted data during the import/export process
  • Improved: Do not show archived bots in the bot selector at the top right
  • Fixed: After 10 minutes of inactivity, the screen is locked. We solved an issue when after unlocking, some windows were not scrolling anymore, for instance the webchat integration.

NLU (SNP 1.06)

  • Added: General availability of SNP 1.06 pipeline
  • Added: Better management of training data with corrupted entities
  • Improved: Better training status management
  • Improved: Better management of emoji teint colors (🧑🧑🏻🧑🏽🧑🏾🧑🏿)
  • Improved: Better diacritics management for arabic
  • Fixed: Remove obsolete system entities objects, for instance, you should expect to receive in your node.js number but not number-fr-fr
  • Fixed: Better classification results for intents using phone-number or email system entities
  • Improved: Stop words filtering activated by default when switching to SNP 1.06