February 2023


  • Smartly.AI : soon
  • Virtual Agent : 16th

My bots
Improved: The confidence threshold for eauch NLU is shown (in %) on the bot list information
Improved: Activate / Deactivate bot has been renamed to Archive / Unarchive

Improved: Some actions buttons have been added to simplify the annotation work on the Inbox.


Quick annotations


New validation process

There is a suble change in the inbox, clicking on validate will tell the bot that the annotation was ok and that's it. If you want to add a sentence to your intent, you can click on "Validate and insert"
This help you keep your dataset clean on the long run, and define precisely what sentences you want to add to your training data.


Bulk actions

More on this here

Improved: The scalability of the platform has been increased by using a better database architecture