December 2021

2.18.8 (coming soon)

  • Smartly.AI : 9th
  • Virtual Agent : 9th

Improved: More powerful NLU machines

2.18.9 (coming soon)

  • Smartly.AI : 9th
  • Virtual Agent : Coming soon


  • Fixed: [SNP 1.05]: The training status is now more accurate as we wait for the end of the augmentation process
  • Improved: [SNP 1.05]: Improved linguistic ressources for arabic languages
    More on the available pipelines here.
  • Improved: [SNP 1.05]: Ability to activate / deactivate data augmentation
  • Improved: [SNP 1.05]: Ability to define the data augmentation factor from 1 to 10
    Note: a change on these parameters will require a new training on the model